Monday, May 21, 2012

Road Trip!!!

Since my wife and I moved to Chattanooga we've not found a Caribbean restaurant and being from the Bahamas and Trinidad if we can't make the food we like at home we just eat the what we find around which is good food but every now and then we need some "home cooking"
My wife was at the bank on day and meet a teller from Trinidad,the teller told her about a Trinidadian restaurant in Marrietta Ga.The name is Tassa Roti Shop 224 Powers Ferry rd (770)977-3163 its about a little over a hour drive for us but it's worth the drive,the owners took a house and made it into a restaurant with a patio out front with picnic tables so you can have a nice meal outside or just stay inside and eat.
When there you can do the buffet and try a little of everything or order combo meals all inexpensive.I recommend the roti any type of curried meat with chick peas and potatoes warped in a a pita like dough and best eaten with your hands.The decor is very "homey" feel the owner is always out checking on customers and making you feel like you're in her home,also take time to check out the pictures on the wall of all the famous people that have ate there like Sam Jackson and Oprah.If you're ever in the Atlanta area please stop by you'll love it even if you're not from the islands.