Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"I Fart Mystical Powers"

Recently Marvel comics relaunched the series Power Man and Iron Fist by writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene bringing together again Luke Cage and Danny Rand.For those of you who never read the original series and might only know of Luke Cage from his appearance on the Netflix series Jessie Jones I'll give a quick break down of their story.Luke Cage was wrongfully imprisoned and was experimented on the experiment ended up giving him super strength and his body virtually invulnerable.Luke used his powers to break out of prison and clear his name and went on to become the superhero know as Power Man. Danny Rand was a orphan who ended up in the far away mysterious city of K'un Lun where he learned their mystical martial arts and as his name implies he can channel his " Chi" to make his hands a powerful weapons. Years later he moved back to America and discovered his farther was owner of Rand Corporation that he took over but still rather spend his time being the hero Iron Fist.The two became partners known as Heroes for Hire until eventually going separate ways.
David Walker and Sanford Greene have reunited the duo in the new series  if you like movies like Lethal Weapon,48 hrs,etc you'll like this book .The dynamic between the two is fun,Danny is all too excited to team up with his old partner while Luke is very reluctant now that he's a husband and farther,spoilers for those of you who watch Jessica  Jones. Walker's writing style is funny and realistic and full of great lines like Iron Fist's "I fart mystical powers" or Power Man's "Fiddle Faddle". Green's art is unlike any I've seen and I've been reading comics since the 70's...yeah yeah you do the math. Unlike some artist he doesn't have a "cookie cutter" way of drawing body's each character has their own shape and face which is refreshing.I highly recommend this series which is only on issue 2 and from what I've heared from a interview Walker and Greene did on a podcast there's something big about to happen in the Marvel Universe  and it involves Power Man and Iron Fist so jump onboard now while it's still early.
Until Next Time my friends stay geeky and hungry

Friday, March 11, 2016

I Like Sloppy Seconds

Ok first of all get your minds out of the gutter this blog post is about my love of used bookstores and especially used or "second hand" trade paperbacks or graphic novels.Paperbacks are collections of 3 or more issues of a comicbook series and Graphic novels are usefully a one shot story or mini series. Don't let the words "used books" scare you off I have yet to find a book that wasn't in almost perfect condition,no torn covers or missing pages.
Over the years I've found some great stuff if it was old stories I once read now collected in a trade,classic stories I never got around to reading or stories I've heard about from friends or someone talked about on a podcast. If you're a fan of the show The Walking Dead and want to check out the comicbook version it's alot less expensive and quicker to get the trades from a used bookstore instead of trying to pick up the individual issues. Luckily I've found some good ones like Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier, Frank Miller's Ronin and a few "outside the box" gems, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals,Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba' James Jean's Umbrella Academy and the Luna brothers The Sword.
Now don't get me wrong I still buy individual issues of certain series but do yourself a favor and check out a used bookstore ,you might find someone's "sloppy seconds " that you like!
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry!