Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Old Dogs New Tricks

Some say a dog is mans best friend for me a hot dog is my best friend. When you need something quick and easy you can't beat a hot dog,as a snack or at a bbq everyone loves a good "dog".With that being said after years of the same old ketchup,mustard and or relish on your hot dog you have to try something new.
Recently I had the idea to experiment with my "dogs".I'll give you 2 examples,1st one I call the "Fiesta Dog" a sausage covered with pico de gallo,guacamole,jalapeño peppers and shredded cheese. After trying it my wife said thats the only way she wants a hot dog from now on.The second one I tried and still don't have a name for it yet,I split a smoked sausage down the middle and filled it with diced onions,sweet hot mustard,french fries,cheese and chilli.It didn't look pretty but boy did it taste good.
So the next time you're in the mood for a hot dog,teach that old dog some new tricks. Stay Geeky and Hungry my friends.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finally Wonder Woman is in a movie....Kinda..

The day alot of us have been waiting for is finally here,Wonder Woman has a movie!!..kinda.
It was announced that in the up coming movie Batman vs Superman,Wonder Woman will appear also and cast to play the amazon princess is Gal Gatdot actress most know from the Fast and Furious movies.The internet went crazy with geek rage and I count myself among the angry fanboys.When most of us think of Wonder Woman we think of a tall strong "well built" warrior woman and Ms Gatdot doesn't look even close to the part.I'm not a casting agent but I thought Gina Carano would be good for the role,she's a former MMA cage fighter and starred in the action movie Hayewire and also appeared in the last Fast and Furious movie.Ms Carano has the build and  has shown that she can handle fight/action scenes to play the warrior princess . Actresses have been known to change their appearance for movie roles so maybe by the time the movie comes out in 2015 Gal Gato will look the part . I've been wrong before about movie casting like Heath Ledger for the Joker and Ann Hathaway  as Catwoman to name a few so here's hoping that Gal Gatdot proves me wrong.

So I ask my fellow geeks to be patient and lets see how this works out until then stay geeky and hungry my friends.