Friday, April 25, 2014

C'mon DC really?

I love me some DC comics related stuff from comics to movies, animated dvds and video games except some of the "New 52" stuff and that movie we don't speak of...thanks Ryan Reynolds.
The Christopher Nolan Batman movies where brilliant, the animated DVDs are classic and dissipate what some say the "Man of Steel" movie was good I seen a classic Superman story based on "Birthright" and seen a Superman fight like in the comics and cartoons even though folks bitch about that part but I wont get into that.The last few years Marvel movies have been brilliant "cough cough" Ironman3... they planned it out so they interact with each other and made sense. When Avengers came out which was my geeky dream come true it made sense.
After the success of Avengers at the box office DC seem to panic and rush to copy it but going by it the wrong way. Marvel has a plan going past 2018 which you can see in the movies but DC just suddenly decided it's doing a JLA movie and the Man of Steel sequel became "Superman vs Batman" and as time went on its slowly turning into a "Justice League" movie we get updates monthly.Ben Affleck as Batman,Gal Gatdot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and geeks minds blew up! including mine,then a Flash cameo was announced so now the Superman squeal was becoming a JLA movie because of the success of the Avengers movie. Marvel did a "poker move" by saying that Captain America 3 would open the same weekend as Superman vs Batman and once again DC flinch, after the success of Captain America : Winter Soldier which had  great chemistry with Capt and Falcon a black character DC just announced that stage actor Ray Fisher  will play Cyborg a popular black character in the DC comics and animated series in the upcoming movie...hhmmm it just sounds despite to me everytime I hear more about this movie the more disappointed I feel, its starting to sound like that "Batman and Robin" movie crammed with characters or that Green Lantern movie we don't speak of trying to put too much into one movie.
Ok im done ranting I wish DC luck with this movie and I'll just enjoy the cartoons on Netflix, DVDs, video games like Injustice, the Batman "Arkham" games and tv shows like Arrow and upcoming Flash. I'm getting a bad vibe from this supposed to be Superman squeal.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry