Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Celebration of the Force

Since the 1st one in Denver Colorado in 1999 every year there's been a convention for Star Wars fans called Star Wars Celebration and always in a different location,this year it'll be in Orlando Florida April 13-16.As the name implies it's a celebration of all things Star Wars from the live action movies,animated tv shows,merchandise to cosplay and a ton of panels on different subjects.People of different races,age and sex meet  together  to enjoy this  particular weekend.
This year's celebrations biggest thing will be the upcoming movie episode 8 "The Last Jedi" the director and some of the actors will be there and they will be showing a trailer on Friday of that weekend. Don't despair my friends if like me you can't make it to Orlando there's still a way to be part of it like you're right there.The Star Wars channel on YouTube will be streaming live through out the weekend so you'll see everything as it happens. There are also websites and podcast that will keep you up to date like the official Star Wars site,Blackgirlnerds,Brews and Blasters,WSTR podcast and to name a few. I'm sure there also be a ton of pictures and videos on Instagram just use the hash tags like #StarWarsCelebration #SWCO.So if you're stuck at work or a family event this weekend you can still be part of Star Wars Celebration and may the force be with you.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.