Monday, August 29, 2016

Here are Whovian there a Whovian everywhere a....

For those of you who don't know a Whovian is a person that's a Doctor Who fan either old school or new fan,I'll give a brief description.The series started on the British tv station the BBC on November 23rd in 1963 played by actor William Hartnell and basically it's about an alien only known as the doctor travels through time and space on adventures with one or two companions " sidekicks" and his body  and regenerate with a different face,body and personality but still maintains the memories of his past selves.Over the years there have been 12 Doctors technically 13 but I won't get into all that right now.
Over the years the popularity of the series has grown immensely. I've ran into Whovians in many different places not just at comicbook/ scifi conventions and different sex,race and ages especially when I'm wearing one of my Doctor Who t-shirts.A gas station attendant in Kentucky, a cashier at a foodstore, teenager at the cornbread festival, a group of 20 something girls at a farmer's market and while walking into a restaurant a young man ask to shake my hand after seeing my t-shirt.Once in Detroit I noticed a lady across the bar that kept looking over at me and my ego thought she was checking me out,she ran up to me as I was leaving to say she liked my shirt and how the 8th Doctor was her favorite lol.Thats another thing whenever Whovians meet the 1st question is who is your Doctor? and the answer is either the name of the actor or the number like mine is the 10th Doctor or David Tennant the actor who played him.
Recently my wife and I went on a cruise and while waiting in line a kid about 5-6 years old gave me a fist bump when he saw my t-shirt.During the cruise I met a gentleman from England who told me a cool story about going home and running into an army of cybermen walking down the street then he realized they were filming an episode of Doctor Who.Once in the locker room at work a coworker said "I need to go home and regenerate" we both laughed while people around us didn't know what was so funny.
So you never know a cashier,a teacher,policeman,your neighbor or even your personal doctor might actually be a Whovian.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.