Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fowl and Fourty aka Chicken and Beer

Through time there have been some historic combos like Adam&Eve,the Wright brothers,Abbott&Costallo,Batman&Robin,Jordon&Pippen,Stan Lee & Jack Kirby but none can compare to the greatest combo of all time...Chicken&Beer!!
Since moving down here to Chattanooga I've been asking about a good "chicken spot" I mean it is the south,then one day a coworker told me about a place called Champys he gave me the address downtown and said it was the best chicken in town.I went by after work and found this little shack in the middle of downtown Chattanooga and my instincts said the food here had to be good.The atmosphere has a real "hole in the wall" feel with blues music playing and old albums and license plates hanging on the walls.Champys has only been open for 4 years but its become one of the most famous places in town because of the atmosphere,food and it's the only restaurant that sures 40.oz beers.Yes I said 40.oz beers of almost any brand and you'll see anyone from college kids to grandparents with one in front of them.
The chicken is as good as I've ever had moist and tender but also try the appiteizers my favorite being the fried jalapeƱo basket.The wait staff is very friendly and the best spot is the patio out front but it gets packed fast no liquor is served but if you want they'll charge $10 and you can "brown bag" it.
If you're ever in chattanooga it's a must you stop by Champys 526.E.ML King blvd (423) 752-9798 and have a 40' and some chicken.
Stay Geeky and Hungry my friends.

Friday, October 4, 2013

After Work Quicky

Ha,Ha,got you again c'mon this post is not what some of ya'll are thinking about.After a long day at work and dealing with traffic I was in no mood for spending alot of time in the kitchen cooking. Bing!! a light bulb turned on in my head I remembered there were leftover ingredients from tacos I made and my imagination kicked in.
I threw some Doritos chips onto a plate then covered em with the leftover ground beef,chesse, picante sauce and jalapeño peppers and warmed it up in microwave. Next I covered this hot  goodness with sour cream and a quick,tasty and filling dinner was made in minutes.
So next time after a long day use your imagination and go into the kitchen for a quicky!
Until next time stay geeky and hungry my friends.