Monday, June 18, 2012

Would you like a Defibrillator with that?

At my age I need to eat healthy and my wife does a good job of encouraging it but every now and then I slip and eat stuff most people won't even be in the same room with.Once I made a bacon cheese burger with fried egg and used two chill cheese sandwichs with jalopenos as buns,my wife couldn't watch me eat it her exact words were "you're gonna die!"of course I didn't but I didn't eat or do anything the rest of that day lol.
Up in Birch Run Michigan there's a restaurant called Tony's that's famous for the size of their servings it was once shown on The Food Network I think everyone should try their BLT once in life they put about a pound of bacon on it you can't see the "T" in the BLT.Since living here Chattanooga I've become in love with the BBQ potato,it's a baked potato covered with butter,sour cream,cheese and your choice meat like brisket covered in BBQ sauce.
There's one sandwich that is my "Holy Grail" that I must try once and it's the doughnut bacon cheese burger.Its exactly what it sounds like using a glaze doughnut as the buns,mmmm
So my friends if you can handle it try one if not all of these and have one hand on the phone to dial 911 lol