Friday, November 15, 2013

Thor 3 "Blood Brothers?"

If you haven't watched Thor:The Dark World stop reading this and go out and see the movie.The last scene of the movue has Thor turning down his farther Odin's offer to take his seat as ruler of Asgard and asking permission to stay on earth which to his surprise Odin accepts.As Thor leaves it is revealed that Odin is really his adopted brother Loki in disguise who sits in the King's seat and says "thank you" and gives that Loki smile.The movie leaves us with tge image of Loki finally getting what he's wanted to be king of Asgard with Thor on earth with no idea what's going on.
As soon as I left the theater I thought of "Thor&Loki:Blood Brothers" a 4 part comicbook series by Rob Rodi and Esad Ribic in 2004,basically the story is how Loki becomes ruler of Asgard but after dealing with the day to day affairs of being king he realize that its not so good being the king.
If you ever get a chance there's a animated version on Netflix you can check it out or pick up the graphic novel.The powers that be have done a great job so far with the Marvel movies so weather or not they go this route with the next Thor movie is to be seen.
So until then enjoy the up coming movies and stay geeky and hungry my friends.