Friday, July 22, 2016

Not going to Nerd Mecca?

Hey friends this weekend Comiccon in San Diego California is going on which to fanboys and fangirls is our "mecca" it's the biggest comicbook convention of the year.If like me you can't make it don't despair true believers there's ways you can still be part of the festivities.
SyFy channel is doing a live one hour show from Comiccon at 8pm est. from Thursday July 21st to Saturday the 23rd. hosted by actor Wil Arnett. If you have Periscope app there are lots of people broadcasting live like Jamie creator of Blackgirlnerds podcast and blog. On YouTube you can just type in Comiccon 2016 or checkout channels like Nerdist,Emergency Awesome,Andre "Black Nerd",DC entertainment,Marvel entertainment,IGN to name a few,and of course I'll post stuff here.
So take it from me someone who's wanted to go for years there are ways to keep up with it but I'm not giving up on traveling to "Nerd Mecca" for a live experience.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry!