Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Stormtrooper is a...insert racist slang here..

This past Thanksgiving weekend  was going so good the Detroit  Lions beat the Bears which is always a good thing,my wife and I had a great dinner at our friends house and then there was the release of the Star Wars trailer for episode VII online.I was on cloud 9 wondering how could this weekend get any better.
I was so giddy from that quick tease of a trailer especially seeing the X-Wings flying low over water and then the Millennium Falcon coming on screen made me feel like a kid again! Then of course someone had to try and spoil the fun alot of us were having by being  small minded racist by being upset that the trailer starts off with actor John Boyega who is black pops up in a stormtrooper outfit.These so called fans went nuts online saying crap about how could a stormtrooper be black and throwing the "N" word around . I'm at the age where I'm not often surprised by racist comments from people but when it comes from people who claim to be not only scifi fans but Star Wars fans this really pissed me off.So according to these idiots a long time ago in a galaxy fa,far away  there can be 7ft tall walking "hair balls" that can fly space ships,a "fish" Admiral and a  feminine android come on some of ya'll know what I'm talking bout with that last one but a black man in a stormtrooper outfit no way is that possible!
1st off has anyone seen stormtroopers with their  helmets off since the Clone Wars to know none of em were black?Oh by the way Jengo Fett who the original  troopers were cloned from wasn't white or did you idiots forget that.Another thing who says John Boyega character is even a stormtrooper we don't know what part of the movie that scene from the trailer takes place and if he is so what! I guess those so called fans also forgot that at one point Han Solo and Luke Skywalker both wore stormtrooper outfits.
Deep down I refuse to believe that any of those ignorant comments came from true Star Wars fans and I won't let em affect my enjoyment of that trailer that I'll probably watch again for the 10th time,I just needed to get that off my chest!
So until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.