Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Photo From "Man of Steel"

A new pic of Superman played by Henry Cavill in the movie "Man of Steel" hit the Internet today,Superman in handcuffs surround by soldiers...hmmmm. The movie will be out June 14,2013

Monday, October 22, 2012

Iron Man3 Poster and Villain Revealed

Award winning veteran actor Ben Kingsley will be playing the villain "The Mandarin" in the upcoming Iron Man3 movie.The Mandarin for those of you that don't know in the comic book was a Chinese exile who finds a crashed alien ship in a forbidden valley and inside the ship are "ten rings" each one with a different power and no not just like the Green Lantern ring,LOL.
The movie version of the Mandarin will be revealed to be the true leader of the terrorist group called "The Ten Rings" they were the ones who kidnapped Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie,the geek in me was hoping to see the Mandarin in the 1st movie when I heard "Ten Rings" but I get my wish in part 3.Footage of Kingsley was shown at this years Comic-Con in San Diego saying the lines "Some people call me a terrorist.I consider myself a teacher,lesson 1 Heroes..there is no such thing."as he says this we see black helicopters firing missiles into Tony Stark's home and it falls into the sea will all his Iron Man armor sinking with it.Im not sure if this is the same footage that'll be used in the trailer coming out tomorrow but I for one am excited to see it,below are the teaser poster for the movie and a pic of Kingsley as the Mandarin.
Stay hungry and geeky my friends

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Avengers 2

Walt Disney and Marvel studios have officially announced that the Avengers sequel will be released May 1st 2015! Joss Whedon will return to write and direct.
Iron Man3,Thor:The Dark World,Captain America:The Winter Soldier,and Guardians of the Galaxy will all lead up to Avengers 2.Looks like the next few years are going to be a "fanboy's" dream.
Stay Geeky and Hungry my friends!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interview of Creator and Director of web series Jeff Burns part 2

G&E: Without giving away any spoilers what can we expect in season 2?
J.B: We're going to focus even more on the relationship between Jessica and Michael.The baby arrives and that plus the fact that the two of them are now living together adds even more conflict to their relationship.But we'll also see more of those sparks of potential that maybe these two enemies have a shot of working things out.We meet the rest of the superhero team Michael is a part of and Jessica to her great dismay,is thrust into their lives making it harder for her to continue being a villain.Oh and a lot more comedy in season 2!
G&E: Now time for a silly question,what 2 comicbook characters would you like to see have a one night stand and end up with a baby?
J.B: Oh, that's an awesome question! I can't believe no one's asked me that before.I actually have a bunch of answers,but ill just list four: Batman & Wonder Woman, Spider-man &Black Cat, Daredevil & Elektra,Thor & She-Hulk (this one just cause it's one of the most ridiculous pairings i could think of and i think She-Hulk would be an awesome and hilarious mom)
G&E: OK now for food questions,what's your weakness as far as food goes?

J.B: Chocolate chip cookies.I'm sure I've eaten half a box in one sitting before.Has to be with milk though,my favorite drink ever!
G&E: LOL,what's the best thing you ever ate and what's the worst?

J.B: There's this famous fried chicken place in Saratoga Springs,NY.called Hattie's.Their fried chicken is one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten,they've even been featured on The Food Channel.If you're ever in Saratoga check them out!One of the the worst is probably when i was a kid and went with my friend to his relatives house for Thanksgiving and his relatives microwaved the turkey,Microwaved turkey: yum.
G&E: mmmmm,microwave turkey,thanks for answering my questions Jeff,can't wait for season 2.
G&E: Below are pics of Jeff Burns and new lead actress Jourdan Gibson www.superknockedup.com

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interview of Creator and Director of web series SuperkKnocked Up JeffBurns Part 1

For those of you that don't know SuperKnocked Up is a new comedy web series that you can find on the website SuperKnockedup.com or on YouTube,each episode is bout 5 minutes each.The story is about super-villain Jessica James played by Natalie Bain wakes up after a one night stand to find her greatest nemesis superhero Captain Amazing played by Mark Pezzula laying next to her and later the 2 enemies find out she's pregnant.Jeff Burns creator of the series agreed to do a interview so if you want to go check out the show 1st then come back and read this.
G&E: Jeff how did you come up with this idea?
J.B: I was taking an awesome online screenwriting class through Screenwriting U (www.screenwritingu.com) and one of the 1st task we had was to come up with a unique concept.I've always loved superheroes and comics,so I was playing around with different superhero ideas.And one of those ideas was what would happen if a superhero and a super-villain had a baby together.And i just loved the idea and knew i had to write it!
G&E: Was it originally going to be a web series or did you shop it around as a TV series?

J.B.:I actually originally wrote it as a feature,the plan was to sell it as a movie.But i had been focusing on writing for a few years and realized how much i missed making films.I love writing,but i consider myself first and foremost a filmmaker.I don't just want to write i want to produce and direct my scripts.So i decided to make it myself as a web series with super-talented cast and crew i knew.

G&E: Did it take along time to find the right actors cause i love the chemistry between Natalie Bain and Mark Pezzula
J.B.: I knew i wanted Mark right from the beginning,we've been friends for a while and he started out as crew and then switched to acting.And working on other films and seeing him act,I got to see firsthand his progression as an actor.I had worked with Natalie on one of my short films,Chasing Fate and when i found out she had moved back to the area,I asked her to come in to read against Mark.I knew she was an amazing actor, the only question was whether she and Mark would have chemistry ,and they totally did.
I actually just made an announcement last week about a new actress taking over the role of Jessica James.Natalie was amazing,but she moved on to other things.I looked through more than 700 submissions to find a new lead actress and found a amazing one in Jourdan Gibson.So the question came up again about the chemistry between Jourdan and Mark.Jourdan lives in L.A and we shoot in upstate New York.But I had Jourdan and Mark read some scenes together through Skype and they totally hit it off and were awesome together.I'm so excited to see them work together in Season 2
Here are pics of Mark Pezzula,Natalie Bain and creator Jeff Burns:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Think Outside the Long Box

To clear up for some of you the "long box" is a box made for keeping comic books in.I've recently heard people saying how they're either a DC or Marvel person which makes no sense to me if you're a true comicbook fan you shouldn't limit yourself to what you read.During comiccon weekend someone said they weren't interested in the Marvel movie news cause they're only into DC,I told them that they are doing a great disservice to themselves because Marvel is doing a great job with how they've been putting the movies together.Both companies have put out good and not so good things out there as far as movies,comics and animated DVDs and tv shows.
As a true "fanboy" or "fangirl" you should be checking out anything that comes out that might be interesting,there's so many good stuff out there from other companies and creator owned.Valiant is doing a company relaunch with titles like Harbinger and X-O Manowar,the great horror series Locke&Key by Hill and Rodriguez at IDW,Atomic Robo from Red 5 comics.Image comics has some cool creator owned books out there,Blue Estate,Mondo,Heart and of course Walking Dead.For really outside the box check out The Manhattan Projects by Hickman and Pitarra and Danger Club by Walker and Jones or Saucer Country by Paul Cornell for DC Vertigo line speaking of Vertigo one book that touched my heart was Daytripper by Fa'bio Moon and Gabriel Ba' a great 10 part series about a writer who dies at the end of each issue,trust me this book is a must have.
I've only mentioned a few books but there's so many out there it's a shame for people to limit themselves to just one company or another that they're missing out on some good stuff.So next time you visit your local comicbook store don't just grab from your "pull list" take a little time to wander down the idle you might find something different that could be a gem.
So until next time "stay geeky and hungry my friends!"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Place Like Home

Recently my wife and I had to make a trip back to our former home of Detroit Mi but we could only stay 1 day.I knew I could only see a few people of course my family was at top of the list but there was one place I had to visit,my "geek home" Liberty Comics.
Liberty Comics is a comicbook store located at 27639 Gratiot ave. in Roseville Mi.it was my home away from home you could find me there sometimes twice a week picking up the latest comics and having geeky conversations with fellow customers and the staff.Some people have a favorite bar or barber shop etc to hang out in,geeks have their favorite comicbook store where you can talk with your own "kind".
Soon as I walked in there was the owner Gale behind the counter with a big smile he welcomed me back and asked how things were going in Chattanooga.I told him I had trouble finding certain books and of course he had em,one of the young guys that work there spent alot of time with me talking creator owned books then Gale and I talked about how good Walking Dead is doing amongst the "non-geeks"and what's going on with the Green Lantern books and the genius that is Geoff Johns lol.I hated to have to leave but my time was limited my time there was so much fun.
If you live in the Detroit area or ever visit swing by Liberty Comics the guys there will make you feel at home and they won't make you feel like a outsider cause your not a comicbook geek.

Stay Geeky and Hungry my friends

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interview of Up and Coming Artist Mario Daniels

G&E:1st off thanks for doing this interview on my little blog I appreciate it.
M.D:No problem Charles,this will only make my noggin 2 sizes larger.
G&E: Ok to start at what age and what inspired you to be a comicbook artist?

M.D: I was around 6 or 7yrs old my Godfather would bring me boxes of old 70's comics,Tomb of Dracula,Herod for Hire etc..but I didn't really click with comics til Spider-man.The art caught my eye it was dynamic and I did my best to copy it.Mike Weiringo (my greatest inspiration) Todd McFarlane,Mark Bagley and later Ed McGuinnes,Mark Texieria.After that it was a wrap! I was gonna be involved in comics one way or another.
G&E:Yeah I remember trying to copy art from comics as a kid too,so what were your favorite comics as a kid and what are you into now?

M.D:Spider-man for the 1st couple of years it was all Spidey.After that I moved on to Avengers,Black Panther was a favorite.DC I was into JLI (Bwahaha league)Blue Beetle &Booster Gold,Kyle Rayner GL.I liked the more humorous heroes or hard luck guys like Spidey or loveable cads like Booster Gold.
Current books,again humor or oddball is the thing so Chew,Army of Darkness,Manhattan Projects for more traditional comics Dan Slott's Spider-man,Batman,Swampthing,the occasional X-Force or whatever insanity Rick Rememder is up to.

G&E:So you have your 1st comicbook job coming up tell us about it.
M.D:I'm drawing a project for one Eric Trautman (writer-Red Sonja/Shooters OGN)can't give more details other than its my 1st professional gig.Current projects,1st my blog doitdoitleague.wordpress.com you get my weekly dose of random cartooning fun,from parodies (current TDKR)to one offs 'Eric &Twich' and more,also doing a webcomic for @Geektome for his relaunch of his blog ComicCultureWarrior.wordpress.com

G&E:Now for the important questions what do you like to snack on when drawing?
M.D:Snacks?well I'm more of a ice cold beer and draw guy,but when snacking and drawing I reach for the salty snacks,pretzels,popcorn and i'ma go country on ya! Pork Rinds! that pig got me sumthin fearce LOL!
G&E:What's your guilty pleasure food?Do you cook? If so what's your favorite thing to make?
M.D:My guilty pleasure food,hmm..never thought of that.I guess I would say nothing Maan! I'll eat anything if you cook it right.I BBQ,anything over 3 ingredients and I'm lost.
G&E:Thanks for letting me interview you Mario and good luck with all your projects and before we end this let people know how to to contact you if they would like to commission your work.
M.D:Anytime Charles to reach me,doitdoitleague@gmail.com,my blog doitdoitleague.wordpress.com and my Twitter @DoitDoitLeague.
G&E:To everyone who read this I hope you liked it stay hungry and geeky my friends.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Would you like a Defibrillator with that?

At my age I need to eat healthy and my wife does a good job of encouraging it but every now and then I slip and eat stuff most people won't even be in the same room with.Once I made a bacon cheese burger with fried egg and used two chill cheese sandwichs with jalopenos as buns,my wife couldn't watch me eat it her exact words were "you're gonna die!"of course I didn't but I didn't eat or do anything the rest of that day lol.
Up in Birch Run Michigan there's a restaurant called Tony's that's famous for the size of their servings it was once shown on The Food Network I think everyone should try their BLT once in life they put about a pound of bacon on it you can't see the "T" in the BLT.Since living here Chattanooga I've become in love with the BBQ potato,it's a baked potato covered with butter,sour cream,cheese and your choice meat like brisket covered in BBQ sauce.
There's one sandwich that is my "Holy Grail" that I must try once and it's the doughnut bacon cheese burger.Its exactly what it sounds like using a glaze doughnut as the buns,mmmm
So my friends if you can handle it try one if not all of these and have one hand on the phone to dial 911 lol

Monday, May 21, 2012

Road Trip!!!

Since my wife and I moved to Chattanooga we've not found a Caribbean restaurant and being from the Bahamas and Trinidad if we can't make the food we like at home we just eat the what we find around which is good food but every now and then we need some "home cooking"
My wife was at the bank on day and meet a teller from Trinidad,the teller told her about a Trinidadian restaurant in Marrietta Ga.The name is Tassa Roti Shop 224 Powers Ferry rd (770)977-3163 its about a little over a hour drive for us but it's worth the drive,the owners took a house and made it into a restaurant with a patio out front with picnic tables so you can have a nice meal outside or just stay inside and eat.
When there you can do the buffet and try a little of everything or order combo meals all inexpensive.I recommend the roti any type of curried meat with chick peas and potatoes warped in a a pita like dough and best eaten with your hands.The decor is very "homey" feel the owner is always out checking on customers and making you feel like you're in her home,also take time to check out the pictures on the wall of all the famous people that have ate there like Sam Jackson and Oprah.If you're ever in the Atlanta area please stop by you'll love it even if you're not from the islands.

Monday, April 30, 2012

You Gonna Eat Your Cornbread?

This past weekend my wife and I went to a little town called South Pittsburg TN.to check out their biggest event The Cornbread Festival.Yes I said Cornbread Festival and it's exactly what it sounds like there's a cook off,live bands and a area called "Cornbread Alley"you buy a plate $4 and walk along and get samples of different types of cornbread there was even one with sour cream and onions in it.
The entire town shuts down for the weekend the only thing bigger in town is when high school football starts.
The best part for me was getting to try the other "treats" that was there and deep fried.I've always heard about some these but now that we've moved to the south I get to try em.1st up was deep fried Oreos "oh my goodness oh my goodness!"and it was the Oreos with the chocolate filling too.Next was deep fried Snicker bar I don't know how they did it and I don't care I just know it was like tasting "Heaven"other fried goodies were pickles,chicken on a stick and believe it or not deep fried pizza!!!
I know it's not healthy but how often do you get to eat like that?From what I hear there's the Strawberry Festival and The Riverbend Festival coming up soon and if they have the same types of deep fried goodness I'm there!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get out of the Closet

I'm talking to you! Yes you,stop lying to your family,friends and yourself it's time to come out of the closet.You lie about where you are on Wednesdays knowing you were at the comicbook store,you say the gaming system you have is only for your kids or when nieces and nephews are over but every chance you get you're online playing Call of Duty.You lie about what you watch on tv knowing every Thursday I can't wait to see Big Bang Theory.
Yes it's time to come out the Geek closet.Your family won't disown you,your true friends won't cut you off.Besides being a Geek/Nerd is "in" now just look at all the movies based on comicbooks or all the scifi shows like Fringe,Grimm or Being Human.Look how some of the hot rappers or athletes dress alot are going with the "geeky" look.Don't be ashamed embrace that side of you wear your star wars t-shirt,pull your video games from under the bed,display your action figures in the living room and read comicbooks in public.Don't lie to your friends on Friday night if you want to stay home and play WOW (World of Warcraft)
So from this day forward wave your geek flag high and shout "I'm a Geek and I'm proud!"in the words of that great song writer Huey Lewis "It's Hip to be Square"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Start your Grills!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen it's that time of year spring has sprung,it's time to pull out your shorts,t-shirts and grills.It doesn't matter the size of your grill or if you use gas or charcoal "I'm strictly a charcoal man but I don't judge"it's all about being outside enjoying the warm weather and the smell of food cooking on the grill.
Some of my best memories have a grill involved,watching my stepdad do his magic,family get togethers and now as a "grown up" listening to Tigers games and having friends over.Go to any function where theres a grill involved and I'm sure thats where you'll find most if not all the men putting in their 2 cents but grilling is not a "man thing" some of the best grill masters I know are women and everybody thinks they're the best when it comes to grilling that's why there's so many contest going on either big ones or just between family and friends.
Personally every chance I get I'm outside with a drink,some music going, or a game on and my grill fired up.So get out there if you're just doing burgers and hot dogs or getting all fancy like my boy Bobby Flay of Food Network and enjoy!!
Ladies and Gentlemen fire up your Grills!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yes i said TGIW and no its not a typo,comicbook nerds like me love when wednesday comes around cause it means new comics are in the stores!!I know it might not sound like that big of a deal to some people but to us in the land of "geekdom" it is.It's the day we get to hang out at our local comicbook store with our own kind,see whats new on the selves and disscus important topics like the evil that is Micheal Bay!!.Digital comics have become very popular now but there's nothing like walking into your favorite store and holding a real comicbook in your hands.
The tv show Big Bang Theory always mentions wednesdays,Sheldon and the boys put aside everything to go down to Stuart's store to get their "fix'.So if you ever hear someone say TGIW chances are they're a comicbook geek and don't be surprised it they don't look the part but that's a subject for another time,until then happy shopping my fellow geeks lol.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I like it sloppy!!!

The other night our friends here in Chattanooga invited downtown to a place called Cheeburger,Cheeburger.it's located on Market st one of the popular strips here on the wkend,the decor is all 50's the pictures on the walls the table and chairs except the staff,they dress in t-shirts n jeans or shorts.
The thing I loved is that you can come up with whatever combo you can think of on your burger even peanut butter which I didn't have the guts to try lol.the burgers remind me of the kind my mom and grandmother use to make it was delicious and sloppy,the fries was how I like em with the skin still on em.To wash it all down I ordered the Reese milkshake I had to use a spoon cause it was full of pieces of Reese cups "oh my goodness!!"
My buddy saw the pictures on the wall for people that finished their "pounder" challenge so he went for it,we were not surprised to watch him eat the whole thing without stopping lol.Afterwards he had to wear a burger hat the whole restaurant cheered and he's on the wall of fame.
I'm making it a point to go there again and get another burger maybe I'll try it with peanut butter next time lol