Friday, May 29, 2015

My Favorite Sumer Pastime

Yes summer is back around time to put away the sweaters,jackets and boots and put on your shorts and flip flops. This time of year everyone has their favorite thing to do like boating, hitting the beach or pool,family bbqs or hanging out at a ballpark watching a baseball game. I like those things too but my all time favorite past time is sitting outside reading comics having a drink maybe a cigar and listening to podcast.
Yes on a nice summer day you'll usually find me under a tree or on porch with a small stack of comics or a trade paper back some type of adult beverage enjoying the latest adventures of my favorite costumed  and non costumed heroes and anti-heroes.I know when most people read they like complete quiet,not me I love to listen to podcast about comics,scifi movies,tv shows etc especially if the topic is a book I'm reading or thinking about reading or a movie or tv show I like or even dislike. I have a few regular podcast I listen to but every now and then I get sent a link to a new one I'll add a list of a few of my favorite ones for you to check out .For me it's a great way to relax on a nice summer day and they say geeks don't know how to enjoy the outdoors.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Crazy Breakfast Ideas

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day which may be true but who says it has to be boring.Working a swing shift one week on days then one week on nights my body gets confused sometimes on what to eat when im done with work. Because of that I sometimes come up with some crazy stuff in the mornings and I'll share 2 examples,these aren't the healthiest of meals so you might want to consult your doctor before you try any of them.
The 1st one came about one night at work craving a smoked sausage once I got home I felt like having breakfast too so "Bam!", Smoked sausage wrapped in bacon and topped with a fried egg. I wrapped a smoked sausage with 2 thick slices of bacon and placed it in the broiler  on low as that was cooking I fried a egg for just a few minutes sunny side up.When the " bacon sausage" was done I placed it in a warm bun and laid the egg on top,as far as condiments you can use whatever you like. I know it sounds weird but it was so good.
Another night I was in the mood for a grill cheese sandwich and then thought about french toast so of course I combined the two.I mixed 2 eggs with a little milk,soaked 2 slices of bread in it then placed them on a hot skillet with melted butter until both sides were golden brown. Next I put a few slices of cheese on one slice of french toast then put the other slice of french toast on top and smashed it down,flipped it over and smashed it down again. Once the cheese had melted I put the "French Toast Grill Cheese" on a plate and covered it with a little butter,cinnamon and syrup,Mmmmm it was good!
Trust me either one of these will make you sleep like a baby.So next time you're going to make breakfast think outside the box you might come up with something fun and delicious.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.