Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Top 10 Cosplay from Connooga 2016

I recently attended the annual  scifi/gaming convention "Connooga" in downtown Chattanooga.I loved checking out the different panels,the Star Wars vs Star Trek debate,meeting actors artist and cool "like minded" people but my favorite part is the cosplay.For those of you who don't know cosplay is when fans dress as their favorite character from comics,movies,video games,anime etc.
I didn't see all the costumes over the weekend but the ones I did see were pretty cool and a few people really thought outside the box.The following is a Top 10 of the cosplay I saw in no particular order.
10. G.I.Joe
9.Elf Princess
8. Medieval Batman v Superman
7.Twisty the clown from American Horror stories
6. Mandalorian Deadpool and Mandalorian on vacation
5. Psylocke
4.Wonder Woman
3.Riddler,Harley Quinn and Joker
2.Rey from Force Awakens
1.Dragon Ball Z Spider-Man and Silk