Monday, October 22, 2012

Iron Man3 Poster and Villain Revealed

Award winning veteran actor Ben Kingsley will be playing the villain "The Mandarin" in the upcoming Iron Man3 movie.The Mandarin for those of you that don't know in the comic book was a Chinese exile who finds a crashed alien ship in a forbidden valley and inside the ship are "ten rings" each one with a different power and no not just like the Green Lantern ring,LOL.
The movie version of the Mandarin will be revealed to be the true leader of the terrorist group called "The Ten Rings" they were the ones who kidnapped Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie,the geek in me was hoping to see the Mandarin in the 1st movie when I heard "Ten Rings" but I get my wish in part 3.Footage of Kingsley was shown at this years Comic-Con in San Diego saying the lines "Some people call me a terrorist.I consider myself a teacher,lesson 1 Heroes..there is no such thing."as he says this we see black helicopters firing missiles into Tony Stark's home and it falls into the sea will all his Iron Man armor sinking with it.Im not sure if this is the same footage that'll be used in the trailer coming out tomorrow but I for one am excited to see it,below are the teaser poster for the movie and a pic of Kingsley as the Mandarin.
Stay hungry and geeky my friends