Thursday, May 1, 2014

Free Comics for Everyone

You heard me right boys and girls its free Comicbooks for everyone on Saturday May 3rd cause is "Free Comicbook Day" at book stores everywhere. Publishers from DC and Marvel to independent companies put out at least one comic that's available for free evey year on this day. It's a day comicbook lovers look forward to cause you get a chance to check out books you may not pick up otherwise. Bookstores love this day cause it's a chance to showcase their store to potential new customers. "F.C.B.D." is not exclusive to just the "nerd community" everyone is encouraged to go to their local comicbook store and see what the fuss is about. Stores will have specials going on besides the selected free comics like sales on other comics, t-shirts, figures some stores have cosplayers (folks dressed in hero/villain costumes) and even artist and writers doing book signings.
If you haven't been to a comicbook store in awhile or ever this is a good day to check it out, once I met lady with her son at a store on F.C.B.D.who didn't know comicbook stores still existed, yes kids there are people out there like that now take a minute to catch your breath. Movie companies have caught on because lately theres always a comicbook movie coming out on the same weekend this time its Amazing Spider-man 2 so you can have fun at a few comicbook stores then go see a comicbook movie afterwards make a "geeky" day of it.Oh yes I said stores you can go to as many stores to get free comics its kinda like Halloween but you don't have to be dressed up unless you want to.
When I lived in Detroit I looked forward to this day to take my nieces and nephews and they always had a great time.My friends this Saturday take your family, friends, or just yourself and enjoy this day you might find yourself getting into comics again and that's a good thing.
Until next time stay geeky and hungry my friends.