Thursday, October 2, 2014

Starring as Luke Cage aka Power Man is....

Marvel has four shows exclusively on Netflix that will tie in to the rest of their live action universe starting in 2015 and one of them being "Luke Cage" who's also known as Power Man in the comics is a member of Heroes for Hire and a member of the Avengers off and on.When this show was announced everyone started throwing names out there as to who should play him from Terry Crews from "The Expendables" and "Everyone Hates Chris"  Michael Jai White from movies like "Blood and Bones","Black Dynamite" to even The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson.When just before the New York City ComicCon kicks off on October 9th Marvel announced that the lead role will go to Dule' Hill from the show "Psych".I'm sure alot of you are like "say what?" like I 1st did but before everyone goes into a fanboy/fangirl rage relax and think about it Marvel hasn't steered us wrong with casting their characters atleast in my opinion.
So I'm holding off judgement until I see the actual show in 2015.He has along time to get pumped up and he is a pretty good actor.
So until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.