Thursday, September 21, 2017

Strange Love: my review of Plastic

No this is not a review of plastic bags or other plastic products but of a comicbook titled "Plastic".I found out about this comic flipping through a copy of Preview magazine and after reading the description of this series i knew i had to pick it up.Written by Doug Wagner art by Daniel Hillyard and colors by Laura Martin published by Image comics.
After reading the 1st 5 issues i think of it as "Dexter" mash up with "John Wick".The comic starts out with Victor and his girlfriend Virginia who are on a road trip and seems like they have 2 loves sex and doughnuts.The couple stops at a small gas station for doughnuts and gas when Virginia is harassed by a group of men Victor flips out and attacks the men and leaves with his lady.One of the men he beat up turns out be the son of crime boss Thaddeus Belliveau who even though embarrassed by his son's actions decides to get back at Victor by kidnapping him and Virginia.Along with Thaddeus we learn about Victors pass and his set of skills and he gives Victor a chance to use those skills for him or Victor won't see Virginia again.This may sound like a familiar story there is a twist...spoilers alert.....Virginia is a plastic sex doll yes you read right. seriously go pick up this comic by the 5th issue your mind will be pun intended.
So don't judge Victor hey love is love...and the writing and art goes great together and i cant wait to see where this story goes.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.