Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 rib,2 rib,3 rib,4

On the way home my wife and i decide to stop for some ribs.Right off the Signal mountain exit from 27 north is a small "shack" named Nooga-Qs smoke house on Saturdays it's all u can eat ribs.The atmosphere is very casual and the staff are very friendly and down to earth,there are 2 small tvs not too loud that have either movies or a game on so you kinda feel like you're at home.
Now on to the food the smoked ribs were tender and weren't drowning in sauce,the Mac n cheese was nothing special but the BBQ smoked beans are my favorite they taste great and come with bits of pulled pork inside it "oh my goodness oh my goodness"
Nooga -Q is at a great location right off 27 north and before Signal and Suck Creek mountains so alot of people stop in on way home from the city we saw a group of soccer moms and dads with their kids come in as we were leavingWe plan on going back especially for all u can eat catfish on Friday lol