Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interview of Up and Coming Artist Mario Daniels

G&E:1st off thanks for doing this interview on my little blog I appreciate it.
M.D:No problem Charles,this will only make my noggin 2 sizes larger.
G&E: Ok to start at what age and what inspired you to be a comicbook artist?

M.D: I was around 6 or 7yrs old my Godfather would bring me boxes of old 70's comics,Tomb of Dracula,Herod for Hire etc..but I didn't really click with comics til Spider-man.The art caught my eye it was dynamic and I did my best to copy it.Mike Weiringo (my greatest inspiration) Todd McFarlane,Mark Bagley and later Ed McGuinnes,Mark Texieria.After that it was a wrap! I was gonna be involved in comics one way or another.
G&E:Yeah I remember trying to copy art from comics as a kid too,so what were your favorite comics as a kid and what are you into now?

M.D:Spider-man for the 1st couple of years it was all Spidey.After that I moved on to Avengers,Black Panther was a favorite.DC I was into JLI (Bwahaha league)Blue Beetle &Booster Gold,Kyle Rayner GL.I liked the more humorous heroes or hard luck guys like Spidey or loveable cads like Booster Gold.
Current books,again humor or oddball is the thing so Chew,Army of Darkness,Manhattan Projects for more traditional comics Dan Slott's Spider-man,Batman,Swampthing,the occasional X-Force or whatever insanity Rick Rememder is up to.

G&E:So you have your 1st comicbook job coming up tell us about it.
M.D:I'm drawing a project for one Eric Trautman (writer-Red Sonja/Shooters OGN)can't give more details other than its my 1st professional gig.Current projects,1st my blog doitdoitleague.wordpress.com you get my weekly dose of random cartooning fun,from parodies (current TDKR)to one offs 'Eric &Twich' and more,also doing a webcomic for @Geektome for his relaunch of his blog ComicCultureWarrior.wordpress.com

G&E:Now for the important questions what do you like to snack on when drawing?
M.D:Snacks?well I'm more of a ice cold beer and draw guy,but when snacking and drawing I reach for the salty snacks,pretzels,popcorn and i'ma go country on ya! Pork Rinds! that pig got me sumthin fearce LOL!
G&E:What's your guilty pleasure food?Do you cook? If so what's your favorite thing to make?
M.D:My guilty pleasure food,hmm..never thought of that.I guess I would say nothing Maan! I'll eat anything if you cook it right.I BBQ,anything over 3 ingredients and I'm lost.
G&E:Thanks for letting me interview you Mario and good luck with all your projects and before we end this let people know how to to contact you if they would like to commission your work.
M.D:Anytime Charles to reach me,doitdoitleague@gmail.com,my blog doitdoitleague.wordpress.com and my Twitter @DoitDoitLeague.
G&E:To everyone who read this I hope you liked it stay hungry and geeky my friends.