Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Place Like Home

Recently my wife and I had to make a trip back to our former home of Detroit Mi but we could only stay 1 day.I knew I could only see a few people of course my family was at top of the list but there was one place I had to visit,my "geek home" Liberty Comics.
Liberty Comics is a comicbook store located at 27639 Gratiot ave. in Roseville was my home away from home you could find me there sometimes twice a week picking up the latest comics and having geeky conversations with fellow customers and the staff.Some people have a favorite bar or barber shop etc to hang out in,geeks have their favorite comicbook store where you can talk with your own "kind".
Soon as I walked in there was the owner Gale behind the counter with a big smile he welcomed me back and asked how things were going in Chattanooga.I told him I had trouble finding certain books and of course he had em,one of the young guys that work there spent alot of time with me talking creator owned books then Gale and I talked about how good Walking Dead is doing amongst the "non-geeks"and what's going on with the Green Lantern books and the genius that is Geoff Johns lol.I hated to have to leave but my time was limited my time there was so much fun.
If you live in the Detroit area or ever visit swing by Liberty Comics the guys there will make you feel at home and they won't make you feel like a outsider cause your not a comicbook geek.

Stay Geeky and Hungry my friends