Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interview of Creator and Director of web series SuperkKnocked Up JeffBurns Part 1

For those of you that don't know SuperKnocked Up is a new comedy web series that you can find on the website or on YouTube,each episode is bout 5 minutes each.The story is about super-villain Jessica James played by Natalie Bain wakes up after a one night stand to find her greatest nemesis superhero Captain Amazing played by Mark Pezzula laying next to her and later the 2 enemies find out she's pregnant.Jeff Burns creator of the series agreed to do a interview so if you want to go check out the show 1st then come back and read this.
G&E: Jeff how did you come up with this idea?
J.B: I was taking an awesome online screenwriting class through Screenwriting U ( and one of the 1st task we had was to come up with a unique concept.I've always loved superheroes and comics,so I was playing around with different superhero ideas.And one of those ideas was what would happen if a superhero and a super-villain had a baby together.And i just loved the idea and knew i had to write it!
G&E: Was it originally going to be a web series or did you shop it around as a TV series?

J.B.:I actually originally wrote it as a feature,the plan was to sell it as a movie.But i had been focusing on writing for a few years and realized how much i missed making films.I love writing,but i consider myself first and foremost a filmmaker.I don't just want to write i want to produce and direct my scripts.So i decided to make it myself as a web series with super-talented cast and crew i knew.

G&E: Did it take along time to find the right actors cause i love the chemistry between Natalie Bain and Mark Pezzula
J.B.: I knew i wanted Mark right from the beginning,we've been friends for a while and he started out as crew and then switched to acting.And working on other films and seeing him act,I got to see firsthand his progression as an actor.I had worked with Natalie on one of my short films,Chasing Fate and when i found out she had moved back to the area,I asked her to come in to read against Mark.I knew she was an amazing actor, the only question was whether she and Mark would have chemistry ,and they totally did.
I actually just made an announcement last week about a new actress taking over the role of Jessica James.Natalie was amazing,but she moved on to other things.I looked through more than 700 submissions to find a new lead actress and found a amazing one in Jourdan Gibson.So the question came up again about the chemistry between Jourdan and Mark.Jourdan lives in L.A and we shoot in upstate New York.But I had Jourdan and Mark read some scenes together through Skype and they totally hit it off and were awesome together.I'm so excited to see them work together in Season 2
Here are pics of Mark Pezzula,Natalie Bain and creator Jeff Burns: