Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interview of Creator and Director of web series Jeff Burns part 2

G&E: Without giving away any spoilers what can we expect in season 2?
J.B: We're going to focus even more on the relationship between Jessica and Michael.The baby arrives and that plus the fact that the two of them are now living together adds even more conflict to their relationship.But we'll also see more of those sparks of potential that maybe these two enemies have a shot of working things out.We meet the rest of the superhero team Michael is a part of and Jessica to her great dismay,is thrust into their lives making it harder for her to continue being a villain.Oh and a lot more comedy in season 2!
G&E: Now time for a silly question,what 2 comicbook characters would you like to see have a one night stand and end up with a baby?
J.B: Oh, that's an awesome question! I can't believe no one's asked me that before.I actually have a bunch of answers,but ill just list four: Batman & Wonder Woman, Spider-man &Black Cat, Daredevil & Elektra,Thor & She-Hulk (this one just cause it's one of the most ridiculous pairings i could think of and i think She-Hulk would be an awesome and hilarious mom)
G&E: OK now for food questions,what's your weakness as far as food goes?

J.B: Chocolate chip cookies.I'm sure I've eaten half a box in one sitting before.Has to be with milk though,my favorite drink ever!
G&E: LOL,what's the best thing you ever ate and what's the worst?

J.B: There's this famous fried chicken place in Saratoga Springs,NY.called Hattie's.Their fried chicken is one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten,they've even been featured on The Food Channel.If you're ever in Saratoga check them out!One of the the worst is probably when i was a kid and went with my friend to his relatives house for Thanksgiving and his relatives microwaved the turkey,Microwaved turkey: yum.
G&E: mmmmm,microwave turkey,thanks for answering my questions Jeff,can't wait for season 2.
G&E: Below are pics of Jeff Burns and new lead actress Jourdan Gibson