Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet Tee

  Check the spelling I'm not talking about the beverage that's popular here in Chattanooga Sweet Tea but this is about some of my favorite t-shirts.
I know a lot of you have wondered "what's Charles favorite t-shirts?" So here we go!
Being a Green Lantern fan of course this will be the first shirt on the list,it's green with the GL lantern logo in the center people must be tired of seeing me in it by now lol.
Next up is Blue Lantern/Flash it's from the "Blackest Night" story line in Green Lantern comics the Flash for a brief moment was a blue lantern it's the Flash's logo on top of the blue lantern logo.I've had a lot of people asking "what's that symbol?"
Years ago my brother gave me this Voltron shirt for my birthday it has a cool worn look to it like I had it for way longer than I have I'm not a Voltron fan but I love this shirt for one my brother gave it to me and two someone always says "cool shirt" when I wear it.
This last shirt is controversial because I was sure I would get cussed out by my wife when I got it but she laughed and likes it I'm surprised by how many woman tell me they like it,what's that say about them...hhhmm any check it out and you decide would you yell at me if you saw me in this?

Until next time stay hungry and geeky my friends.