Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Broken Arrow

On October 10th the show Arrow 1st aired based on the comicbook Green Arrow and I instantly became a fan. It wasn't an exact adaptation of the comic but each episode was so well done the storyline, fight scenes and great actors like the lead Stephen Amell and costars like David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Paul Blackthorne and John Barrowman. One of my favorite things about the show was the " easter eggs " would pop up every episode that would give a nod to the comics.
Arrow took a more grounded look at the world of super heroes and super villains and it worked.I don't know what happened but the last 2 seasons the show has changed one thing is the writers started to force Laurel an unpopular character on the fans as the new Black Canery it's nothing personal against the actress Katie Cassidy playing her it's just how the character was written rubs fans the wrong way.John Diggle started out as the Arrow's right hand man and conscience but lately he's been reduced to a back ground character driving the " heroes " around in a van. . . think about that for a minute.
I'll do my best to stick around to see if it gets better like I did for Agents of SHIELD which has become a great show to watch but the producers and writers are making it tough for me to stick around. I can't remember the last time I've seen  "easter eggs " in a episode. I was excited to that my favorite DC villain Ra's al Ghul would be the new " big bad " on the show, then they changed him from being a centuries year old bad ass to the name just being a title handed down every so often.. . really ?
With shows like Flash out there that spun off from Arrow I don't see why I should waste my time on a show that for what ever reason has declined in my and alot of people's eyes. Don't get me wrong I love Arrow and I'm hoping for the best it's just becoming frustrating to watch some times so let's see how this plays out and if they turn it around to a great show again.
Until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry .