Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mr."Not so Terrific"

When the TV series Arrow announced it was adding the character Mr Terrific i was giddy but also knew it wouldn't exactly be from the comics like they did with most of the characters giving them the "Christopher Nolan treatment" like Ra's al Ghul and Deathstroke who I liked.I figured it would be the same without Mr. Terrific.
In the comics Mr Terrific "Micheal Holt" is one of the smartest people in the DC universe.He has the ability to pick up and retain complex skills and abilities that would take other people their whole lives to master. He's a black belt in 6 different martial arts and a Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon and is invisible to electronic detection. I knew the show would "water him down" but damn.
The version we got was a nerdy assistant to Felicity who was crazy smart which I was cool with thinking ok he's gonna get smarter and smarter as the series goes on. They showed us his orbs like in the comics,the "T" on his face even the "Fair Play" on his jacket so it was looking good.They giveth and they take it away,Curtis Holt instead of Michael Holt was an Olympian but a bronze medalist instead of gold that might sound like a small thing to some but why  do that in the 1st place.On the show he's always getting his butt kicked,acting goofy and whining it breaks my heart to watch this. The latest episode Wild Dog,O Dog,Mad Dog 20 20 whatever his name is got into Mr Terrific's head c'mon son really? Wait he does have one impressive power dude can braid his hair in seconds in one second he's in full 'fro in the base before a mission the next he's on the mission with his hair braided he needs to quit the hero game and go be a hairdresser,he could make a ton of money.
Don't get me wrong I like Echo Kellum as an actor it's just what the writers are doing to the character, like some people have said they should've stayed with him as the goofy tech guy and not touched the whole Mr Terrific thing.So here's hoping they fix this but Arrow has been constantly disappointing it's viewers.
So until next time my friends stay geeky and hungry.