Monday, April 2, 2012

I like it sloppy!!!

The other night our friends here in Chattanooga invited downtown to a place called Cheeburger,'s located on Market st one of the popular strips here on the wkend,the decor is all 50's the pictures on the walls the table and chairs except the staff,they dress in t-shirts n jeans or shorts.
The thing I loved is that you can come up with whatever combo you can think of on your burger even peanut butter which I didn't have the guts to try lol.the burgers remind me of the kind my mom and grandmother use to make it was delicious and sloppy,the fries was how I like em with the skin still on em.To wash it all down I ordered the Reese milkshake I had to use a spoon cause it was full of pieces of Reese cups "oh my goodness!!"
My buddy saw the pictures on the wall for people that finished their "pounder" challenge so he went for it,we were not surprised to watch him eat the whole thing without stopping lol.Afterwards he had to wear a burger hat the whole restaurant cheered and he's on the wall of fame.
I'm making it a point to go there again and get another burger maybe I'll try it with peanut butter next time lol